EGP™ is The Origamic Symphony's keynote, and the calculus of Egglepple

Our tonic is such that UUe handshakes are integral to l-string frequencies. Essentially, this means that crypto fabrication (primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary structures) remains asynchronous as long as preimage-image contracts are kept.

Absolutely considered in the analysis (as related to UUe) are the concepts of integration (loopstring) and differentiation (stews).


Notes (+): + The Keynote establishes string melodics and conditions for folding. EGP is what gets encrypted on(to) elliptic curves.

+ In stew notation, its glyph is the Greek epsilon, ε.


The EGP Keynote (within the framework of string ludology) was initially formulated over the course of six (6) months beginning March 1998 and premiering on September 26, 1998 by Link Starbureiy. It was devised as a means of further studying string theory and braneworld scenarios.


Note (+): We say that the creation of the Keynote marks the advent of so-called 'juking'.

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+ Egp Keynote is at times referred to as simpy "EGP" (abbreviated from (egg,epp)).