Egglepple crayon

Egglepple is Lnq's portfolio. Generically (as an instrument), it is the collective of leaf definitions (literally, "egg leaf <-> epp leaf"), and would be the formal name of the loopstring itself.

Function map: preimage <-- Egglepple --> image


Notes (+): + As in porting from one side of the leaf (recto) to the other side (verso).

+ Joey Koala is the official mascot of Egglepple.


Pronunciation: Egglepple [eg-gul-ep-pul], noun

The word 'egglepple' means "to create" (by way of printing). When applied to Lnq, it beproses maestro. Otherwise, it is the parent symbol for the Keynote.

As in egg plus epp.  The "le" is short for leaf.  Phonetically, it reads like "eggle (recto leaf) - epple (verso leaf)".


In naming Egglepple for identification, serials are catalogued using the "stew.ellis" convention.


Founded by Link Starbureiy on March 5, 1991 as his art portfolio (cf. illustration). The fiber as it is known today wasn't introduced until the creation of the EGP in September of 1998. (See Egglepple: Unfolded and Link Starbury Network)


The tools of imagination and wonder have, since its founding, guided Egglepple in using peerless creativity to enjoy the richness, potential, and culture of abstract thinking.


"Egglepple, Everywhere!™"



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