Sometimes just called the "Magic Summer", refers to the particular epoch on the career timeline of Link Starbureiy, where his output helped advance the technological underpinnings of the nascent jukebox now known as UUe. This was a personal transformation period, and is considered pivotal to his exploration in cybernetics.

During the Summer months (July/August) of 2007, Link Starbureiy authored over 160+ articles of original mathematics research. This work was done in the attic of the rented home where he was living in destitution. The sheer output, and under the conditions of dire poverty, led him to call the experience "magical".

Those articles, whether complete or incomplete from that period, later became the bulk of what formed the foundation of 'UUelcome Editions'.


Notes (+): + "UUelcome Editions" is now 'UUelcome Matte'.

+ These 'papers' have been more-or-less converted into manifest files.

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