Link Starbury Network (LSN) was the original name (circa 1997) of the proprietorship now known as Link Egglepple Starbureiy. In the beginning, it was a network of (stage) performance activities (namely those based on properties from the original Egglepple portfolio) carried over from his gradeschool years that Starbureiy used for creative arts.

LSN would morph into science and technology (sci/tech) inclusion by 1998, after Starbureiy began working on the EGP Keynote.

The name was later modified in the year 2000 to reflect the personal change in the founder's identity, which included the alphanumeric e and i in his surname.

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Despite the coincidence, the name Starbury is not in relation to the nickname 'Starbury' applied to professional basketball player Stephon Marbury. Although the two names were common and may have been popular during the same period, the influence (if any at all) is mutually exclusive.

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