The loopstring, or l-string, is a string of sequenced stews. Technically, l-string is a sesquilinear schematic of yesegalo (which is) drawn out to and from specified reading frames (egg and epp), and subject to certain conditions (such as being gameplay-compliant). The main objective of each opus is to twist some variation of this object into a functionally unique fibor.


Note (+): In the context of the whole of string theory, the loopstring may colloquially be referred to as "toy string". We must be careful, however, to not confuse this "toy string" or its ludology (SL) with bosonic string theory (which is considered a "toy model" for which to introduce string theory).

An argument can be made that l-string is a rudimentary automaton. It is hypothesized that all games are (or any game can be) based on and around some primitive manifestation of this object, called fiber (in fact, both words are used interchangeably). Hence, when we want to study the ludology of any phenomenon, we could start with a drawn l-string, and proceed from there.

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+ The l-string is Link Starbureiy's main object of play. The Symphony (and Opera) are composed for strings.

+ Often referred to as the pitch, the l-string is marked G (from EGP, where EEE is the micro scale, PPP is the macro scale, and Gxx could be what is scaled between them).