Lnq's Pajamas (sometimes simply Pajamas or pajamas) - his everyday wear - is the bionic costume (as a cybernetic simulacrum of the Cryptoquotient) outfitted as a fitness control system. Being directly linked to the payload, it smartly updates itself/adapts to changes in cassette (per)mutations.

The gear is a set of task automata (i.e., stew patchwork) cyberpathically augmenting Big-O Tree. Essential to mathletics, the pajamas interfaces with the Mathilda.


The pajamas come standard with a jersey (upperbody) and pants (lowerbody). Accessories include eyewear and a yoyo.


Note (+): Combinations of the outfit's presentation (e.g., color scheme, garments, etc.) can be used interchangeably and differ depending on Lnq's preference (for Funshine or Toonlight), sport/activity, and personal taste. The Pajamas are the ultimate manifestation of automation.

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+ The Pajamas are intellectual property of LES. The tradedress is particular to Link Starbureiy, as evidenced by any copyright and/or trademark.

+ An eventuality is that the Pajamas are a fabrication of cybernetic cores, and are therefore responsive to game logic.