The RONALD lyrics, together with pencils, form our connoted flageolet.

As an integral part of the Stewdio, RONALD is responsible for the keyframing of a stew before it is submitted (i.e., point at which rhetoric gets translated as 'notes') to the rotisserie.

"Musical geometry says that there are six keys, and they're all interlocked. So, if you figure out a key, you've figured out a coverage." - Link Starbureiy

The keys on the Mathilda are identified by the letters (R), (O), (N), (A), (L), and (D). The six (6) lyrics themselves are for the two (2) signatures (R,O), two fonts (N,A), and glue (L,D).


Note (+): Rule of thumb: the flageolet is for arrangement, and fruut are for folding.

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Analogue: nucleotides

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