Robot was a one act performance of simulacra by Link Starbureiy debuting March 20, 1997. The play is a solo performance following an android (Starbureiy) on Earth's moon sometime in the distant future.

History and significance

The ideation and writing for Robot began in mid-February 1997 while a high school student. This was his final creative arts assignment for his school, and was scheduled to be performed in a perennial school-wide talent show the following month. Robot is often credited as the beginning(s) of the proprietorship, Link Egglepple Starbureiy.

Starbureiy labeled the show a debacle, and credits his poor performance to lack of preparation (the script was still being edited only minutes leading to showtime) and a mishandling of the itinerary by stage crew. In all, the show was later seen as a blessing to him in that he used it as fuel to create more one-man acts (later attributed to his foray into vaudeville that Summer) which became his opera, Stewart.

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