The Egglepple Company (or just Egglepple) was the name given to what is now known as Egglepple (kindergarten). It was an incorporated business entity in various states throughout the United States of America prior to its deprecation, reorganization and later inclusion into UUe. Historically, Egglepple was the first establishment to be a standalone for-profit pure mathematics research business (often ghostwriting for academe in Columbus, Ohio from 1999 - 2000).

"Egglepple" is the middle name of Link Egglepple Starbureiy, after whom the company is named, and by whom the entity was created. It spawned from the unincorprated Egglepple Portfolio (circa 1991).

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+ Articles of Incorporation, Secretary of State, Ohio:

Domestic Articles/For Profit

Domestic/Amendment to Articles