Toonage (which may be short for cartoonage) is the specific name given to the chronology (release schedule) of cassettes (moreso, behavior at inflection points).


Toonage signifies the episodic log an opus, and is marked using the following standard alphanumeric:

Toonxx.MM.DD# - where "xx" would be the literal age of Link Starbureiy as an integer, "MM" is the month [January (01) - December (12)], and "DD" is the day of the month (01 - 31).  So, for instance, July 1, 2020 is written as Toon41.07.01 (or simply 41.07.01). The addendum, #, is a episode number for that toon. It exists as an additional extension in case there is more than one production per toon, and itself can be a number or a letter.

See also

Analogue: opus number

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